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‘The First’: Sean Penn Comes to TV (Trailer)

by Joseph
The First

The First

2018 continues its parade of unlikely, downright impossible events. Sean Penn, after years of commitment to the movie star lifestyle, is actually doing a TV show. And I’m not talking about some self-referential cameo Larry Sanders, I mean a full-on leading role in a Hulu TV series called The First. Here’s what it’s all about:

“Set in the near future (2030), this groundbreaking story explores the challenges of taking the first steps towards Mars. Viewers will get an intimate look at the dedicated characters trying to reach the unknown while dealing with the psychological and physical toll it takes to achieve the impossible.”

That includes Sean Penn, who will play, I guess, the lead colonist. I guess if you’re going to try and set up camp in the harsh and unforgiving environment of Mars, you could do worse than someone at Penn’s crag-factor. Take a look at the teaser for The First below:

The First comes to Hulu on September 14th.


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