Home Tech & Gear The Fifth Element: An “Intergalactic Horological Weather Station” (Video)

The Fifth Element: An “Intergalactic Horological Weather Station” (Video)

by Joseph
The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element

“Intergalactic / horological / horological / intergalactic.” That’s probably the Beastie Boys parody I would propose if I were on the board at MB&F, which has collaborated with L’Epée for what they describe as an “intergalactic horological weather station” called, with apologies to Bruce Willis and Luc Besson, The Fifth Element. 

The Fifth Element has four pods, each with a different function – clock, barometer, thermometer, and hygrometer – and they combine to not only tell time but predict weather as well. The “intergalactic” part of the equation comes in the form of what I suppose must be the titular fifth element: A little alien figure in the middle who pilots and operates the whole business. But why bother describing it in words when you can see the handsome device in action in the video below?

The Fifth Element appears to be a one-off project for this year’s Baselworld convention, but you can get plenty more info on the piece straight from MB&F right here.

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