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‘The Eraser’: An Analog Snapchat Alternative (Video)

by Joseph
The Eraser

The Eraser

Artists Shawn Soh, Persiis Hajiyanni, and Ryan Smaglik have come up with an analog equivalent for Snapchat. While the market for such a device is admittedly limited compared to the popular app, The Eraser is a pretty cool gadget/art installation that produces and then immediately destroys photographs the old-fashioned way.

The Eraser takes the Snapchat model of photos being erased seconds after viewing and reinterprets it by way of an Arduino open-source brand camera, a thermal printer, and a hair straightener which acts as a makeshift photo destroyer. Users approach the camera, say “cheese,” and watch their portrait emerge from the printer and into the straightener, which turns it into a blackened wisp before his or her very eyes.

While it’s doubtful there will ever be a home model for The Eraser, you can watch how it works in the very cool video below. And if you’re going to be near London any time soon, you can see/use The Eraser yourself at The DELETE Show now.

Here’s the video:


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