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“The Elements of Bad”: Comprehensive ‘Breaking Bad’ Poster (Pics)

by Joseph
The Elements of Bad Poster

Even though it’s been off of AMC for a while now, Breaking Bad continues to loom large over the culture. And a recent fruit of that loom is “The Elements of Bad,” a poster featuring all 58 of the major and minor characters of the Albuquerque, New Mexico crystal meth distribution underworld.

“The Elements of Bad” is the latest project from artist Dennis Culver, who specializes in these kinds of pop-culture-obsessed posters, having previously done “All In The Game” based on The Wire and “DEANfinity” based on the Dean from Community. It’s an impressive piece of work, capturing the essence of everyone on Breaking Bad, from Mr. White to that guy that got his head crushed by a stolen ATM machine, in 24 by 36 inches of glossy text stock.

Not only can you see “The Elements of Bad” in the gallery below, but there are also a few close-up shots so you can get an idea of what the real thing would be like on your wall. And if you come up thinking that the positives outweigh the negatives, you can pre-order yours now at Dennis Culver’s online store here, where “The Elements of Bad” is priced at $25.

Here are the pics:

The Elements of Bad PosterThe Elements of Bad PosterThe Elements of Bad Poster

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