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The Elbow: Your Cassette Tape Collection, Finally Revitalized!

by Joseph
The Elbow

The Elbow

It’s 2017 and the heroes out there at BrainMonk have come up with a technological improvement over the conventional tape deck. It’s called The Elbow, and it’s only in the concept stage for now—where a device that only plays audio cassettes may well remain for the indefinite future.

Still, The Elbow is a cool piece of design, and anyone who appreciates the tactile, homemade quality of a good mixtape (one that’s actually a tape and not a burned CD or digital collection of mp3s) might find some use for it. It fits over one of the cassette’s wheels and reads it through its own portable playback system.

Right now, The Elbow is in the “market research survey” phase of its development, so for more information you can check out the product’s official site here, although it remains a bit vague on the full range of The Elbow’s functions. And if you have an old cassette tape collection gathering dust in your parent’s basement, now might be a good time to make sure it doesn’t get thrown away quite yet.

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