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The Edition Collection From Zara Man

by Joseph

bowling bag with buckles

Fashion label Zara Man has unveiled their new Edition Collection. Designed for fall and winter of 2012, the Edition Collection features classic looks of the warmer variety, including double breasted suits, knitwear, and more.

There’s also at least one accessory in the collection that you don’t often see in high fashion. Pictured above, it’s the “Bowling Bag With Buckles.

While a bowling bag may seem like an odd item to add to any collection, it does make sense, seeing as how bowling is a great winter sport because it takes place in the warm indoors.  And if you grab this piece, you’ll almost certainly be the most stylish character in your local bowling alley.

For a closer look at the entire 2012 fall/winter Edition Collection from Zara Man, click here.

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