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The Drinking Jacket Has Lots of Alcohol-Friendly Features

by Joseph
The Drinking Jacket

The Drinking Jacket

They say you’re an alcoholic when your drinking becomes unmanageable. The solution to that problem for many is to stop drinking, but there is another option: Make your drinking easier to manage. The Drinking Jacket gives you one way to do that, with an array of features designed with the committed drinker in mind.

Designed by Earth’s Favorite Drinker Zane Lamprey, the Drinking Jacket offers no-slip “drink grips” on the ends of both sleeves, a pocket on the chest specifically for beers, a zipper that doubles as a bottle-opener, a designated flask pocket for furtive drinking, and a lot more. It actually looks pretty good, too, which distinguishes it from the tacky novelty item you might be expecting from its description.

Also distinguishing it from tacky novelty items is the Drinking Jacket’s $85 asking price over at the product’s Kickstarter page here. Don’t worry, it’s more than surpassed its fundraising goal, and it only has four days to go, so you could theoretically have one very soon.

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