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The Dreamery: An NYC Nap Hotel from Casper

by Joseph
The Dreamery

The Dreamery

Many are the long summer days on which I’ve been stranded downtown or some other hectic locale away from my bed and thought to myself, “there should be a place where you can pay to to take a nap.” Obviously I’m not alone, and now the mattress peddlers at Casper have come up with just such a business model in New York City. It’s calledĀ The Dreamery. As per Casper:

“At Casper, we want everyone to sleep better and live better. So we created The Dreamery, a magical place in NYC where you can rest and recharge whenever you want. Because when you snooze, you win.”

The Dreamery works like this: You make an appointment for whichever point in the day you’re likely to need a nap (walk-ins are available as well). Then, you arrive for your 45-minute session, during which you change into complimentary PJs and curl up in a Casper Nook, described as “a perfectly private, quiet pod with an outrageously comfortable bed.” Then, The Dreamery’s post-nap facilities, including coffee, toothbrushes, and a face wash, are available to you.

Get more info on The Dreamery at its official site right here. SessionsĀ are priced at $25.

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