Home Entertainment ‘The Discovery’: New Netflix Original Film Involves the Afterlife (Trailer)

‘The Discovery’: New Netflix Original Film Involves the Afterlife (Trailer)

by Joseph
The Discovery

The Discovery

New from Netflix is a trailer for an original science-fiction film with what we in the industry refer to as a “great hook”—definitive proof of the afterlife is discovered by a scientist, who publicizes his discovery and catalyzes a rash of suicides from people particularly impatient to find out if he’s correct. The film is called The Discovery, and Netflix recently put up a trailer for it online.

Netflix productions have come a long way, and The Discovery has a top-flight cast, including Jason Segel, Robert Redford, and the great Rooney Mara (the trailer doesn’t feature her too much, though). And the movie looks to be a thoughtful and dramatic exploration of the idea of life after death.

You can discover the first trailer for The Discovery below. The movie itself comes to Netflix on March 31st, so you have a little over a month to make peace with your maker before then.

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