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‘The Disconnect’: An Offline-Only Online Magazine

by Joseph
The Disconnect

The Disconnect

I’m probably not alone in that I often feel nostalgic for the golden, pre-internet age of magazines. You’d get the latest issue in the mail, spread out on the couch, and proceed to absorb every inch of text inside, ideally with no interruptions from the outside world. Those days are over for all but the most disciplined among us, but The Disconnect is somewhat paradoxically an online magazine that’s trying to bring them back.

The Disconnect is an online magazine, but you have to be offline to read it. Once you disconnect, you’ll have full and free access to an impressive line up of short stories, commentary, and even poetry, all without any notifications or alerts hobbling your attention. Get back online, and the magazine disappears – it’s actually kind of beautiful.

Check out the first issue of The Disconnect here, but only if you have the time (and the will power) to step away from the internet while you do it.

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