Home Entertainment ‘The Disaster Artist’: A Movie About the Making of ‘The Room’ (Trailer)

‘The Disaster Artist’: A Movie About the Making of ‘The Room’ (Trailer)

by Joseph
The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist

Of all the movies that have earned the title of “Worst Movie of All Time,” The Room somehow seems to be the most special, and the most beloved. For proof, just look at the teaser for The Disaster Artist, an upcoming movie about the making of The Room from James Franco and Seth Rogen.

You know a movie is a cult classic when a movie based on a book about how it was made gets turned into a big screen studio comedy with names like Franco and Rogen involved, and the new teaser trailer for the movie shows how a particularly infamous line in The Room was finally captured (requiring an absurd amount of takes in the process).

Check out the first teaser trailer for The Disaster Artist below, and stay tuned for the movie’s reported theatrical release in December of next year. And if you haven’t seen The Room yet, my God, you better hurry up and get to it.

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