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The DeLorean Is Going Back Into Production (Photos)

by Joseph

Just when you thought Back to the Future mania was going out of style with the new year, the most iconic piece of that movie‘s repertoire is actually coming back, albeit without any BTTF licensing (yet, anyway). It’s the DeLorean, slated to go back into production in 2017.

Unfortunately, the new DeLorean is going to be only a little bit easier to acquire than the one Doc Brown uses to travel through time. That’s because the DeLorean Motor Company is only making 300 of them from materials already on hand. On the bright side, the company says they’re aiming for a price point lower than $100,000.  So even if you’re not a millionaire, maybe you’ll be able to get one used or something.

For now, just take a look at some photos of the iconic car in the gallery below, and keep your eyes on its official site for more info here.

Here’s the gallery:


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