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‘The Defenders’ Teaser Trailer and Release Date Unveiled (Video)

by Joseph
The Defenders

The Defenders

Fans have known that the corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe found on Netflix—featuring heroes Jessica Jones, Matt Murdock, Luke Cage, and Danny Rand—was gearing up for its own Avengers-style crossover from the beginning. Now we have our first look at The Defenders, finally together in action—provided that standing in an elevator counts as action.

The first teaser for the first season of The Defenders is a simple, short snippet of security cam footage, which ends when the coolest one of the group notices the camera and disables it. Some nerds watching this also discovered a timestamp in the corner of the screen, which led to the first season’s release date on August 18th—which also means this security cam footage is coming to us from the future, but whatever.

You can see the first teaser for Marvel’s The Defenders below, and the show itself is coming to a Netflix account near you on August 18th.

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