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The Decision Coin: For Life’s Toughest Yes-or-No Questions

by Joseph
The Decision Coin

The Decision Coin

Should you stay or should you go now? In the field of binary decision making, that question can actually stand to be cut down to a much more efficient one: Should you stay? For yes-or-no questions like that, a coin flip is often called for, and The Decision Coin is made for just that purpose.

The Decision Coin takes the usual two-sided heads-or-tails formation but replaces them with one side that says “Hell Naw,” and another, opposing side, which reads “Fuck Yeah!” It’s basically like a normal decision-making coin, but with an extra oomph to motivate you towards whichever alternative ends up being face-up after the flip.

You can purchase The Decision Coin at the Cool Material Shop right here, where the coin is priced at $17. And if you can’t decide whether or not to buy it, you might want to try consulting your horoscope or a Magic 8-Ball or something.

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