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‘The Dark Tower’: Long-Awaited Stephen King Adaptation (Trailer)

by Joseph
The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower series by Stephen King is one of those long-running pop culture franchises that has extremely devoted fans that may well be the only people capable of actually understanding what it’s all about. It’s on the cusp of going mainstream, though, with a new trailer for the anticipated big screen adaptation now slinging bullets on the internet.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never read any of The Dark Tower books or comics, so this trailer is my first direct exposure to its mythology. From what I can tell, Idris Elba is a Gunslinger from another dimension, and Matthew McConaughey is The Man in Black, kind of like Satan but worse. There’s a dark tower, and a kid, and some interdimensional portals, and hopefully it will all make sense once the movie comes out.

That happens on August 4th, and in the meantime you can watch the trailer for The Dark Tower below. Confused? Want to kill some time at work? Hoping to fake your way through the next three months of conversations about this book series? Then check out the franchise’s official site here for more info.

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