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‘The Dark Knight: Visual Echoes’ (Video)

by Joseph
The Dark Knight: Visual Echoes

The Dark Knight: Visual Echoes

Did you watch The Dark Knight back in 2008 and thought to yourself, “wow, this doesn’t really look or feel like any superhero movie I’ve seen”? That’s probably because much of the inspiration for the film came not from other Batman movies, but the films of director and Miami Vice creator Michael Mann—specifically his 1995 masterpiece Heat.  Now, there’s a new video essay entitled The Dark Knight: Visual Echoes that demonstrates just how deep that inspiration ran.

Heat is not the only Mann joint that Christopher Nolan cribbed from to make The Dark Knight, though, and The Dark Knight: Visual Echoes also includes side-by-side comparisons of sequences from The Insider, Collateral, and even the TV movie LA Takedown.

If you’ve got about five minutes free, you can watch The Dark Knight: Visual Echoes video essay below. And for more where that came from, take a look at the Glass Distortion Vimeo account right here.

Here’s the video:


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