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‘The Dark Crystal’ is Coming Back to Theaters (Trailer)

by Joseph
The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal

In 1982, the end result of Muppet maestros Jim Henson and Frank Oz’s efforts to create a fantasy adventure film entirely with puppets and no human actors was released into theaters. Now, The Dark Crystal is coming back to theaters for a limited engagement from Fathom Events, in advance of the prequel series coming soon to Netflix.

If you haven’t seen The Dark Crystal, it’s about a bunch of elves, trolls, wizards and whatnot running around looking for a Magic Crystal shard, there are monsters and spells and whatever, you know the drill. Anyway, there’s a trailer out now for the upcoming re-release next month, and you can take a look at it below:

On February 25th and 28th, The Dark Crystal will complete its magical quest to theaters, after which it will burrow back underground to its subterranean castle or whatever. You can get more info and see if there’s a screening near you at the Fathom Events site right here.


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