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The Cyclone: A Working Block-Based Roller Coaster Kit

by Joseph
The Cyclone

The Cyclone

If you’ve always dreamed of building your own old-fashioned roller coaster but lack the expensive contracts and high-level investors necessary for such a project, the people at CoasterDynamix have come up with a relatively inexpensive solution, known by the old-but-good moniker of The Cyclone.

The Cyclone is a DIY model roller coaster kit that’s compatible with any of the major building brick brands out there, starting with LEGO on down. The kit itself has everything a person needs to create their own basic hand-crank-powered roller coaster, but its compatibility with a variety of different building block systems makes it customizable too.

That’s the killer app that makes The Cyclone special—so special, in fact, that with three weeks of fundraising left to go, the project’s Kickstarter has already surpassed it’s $60,000 goal by a healthy margin. For more information, or to pre-order your own set starting at $99, check out that Kickstarter listing right here.

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