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The Cube Portable Handheld Projector

by Joseph
The Cube

The Cube

That extremely prepared man projecting a magical beam of light from a cube he holds in his hand is not a character from a Ray Bradbury story, but instead another satisfied user of The Cube, a projector engineered to be easier to use than any other comparable product on the market.

The Cube eliminates the need for a lot of extra bulk and cable connections you see with a lot of other projectors, instead connecting to your device with a single MHL or HDMI connection. it’s also extremely lightweight and comes with its own tripod and remote control, so the list of situations it can be of use in is exponentially increased.

You can “explore The Cube” (which I swear is not some kind of psychedelic drug euphemism) at the RIF6 site right here, where the projector of the future is priced at just under $300. Take note, other cubes: There’s a new Cube in town.

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