Home Entertainment ‘The Colors of Feelings’ From Thomas Blanchard (Video)

‘The Colors of Feelings’ From Thomas Blanchard (Video)

by Joseph
The Colors of Feelings

The Colors of Feelings

It’s Friday, which means it’s almost the weekend, which means you might be in the mood to just veg out in front of some swirling colors and soothing music for a few minutes. If so, I present to you The Colors of Feelings, a new video from artist Thomas Blanchard.

The Colors of Feelings was made by recording the images that result when you combine a bunch of paint with honey, milk, and oil. The title comes from Blanchard’s claim that the images represent different emotions, a synesthetic idea that just adds to the video’s appeal.

So if you have about three minutes to spare and want to see some gosh-darn feelings, you might want to take a look at The Colors of Feelings below. And to see more of the artist Thomas Blanchard’s work, check out his official site right here.

Here’s the video:


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