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The Clearport: Airport-Inspired Retailer Opens in New Jersey (Photos)

by Joseph
The Clearport

You walk into the terminal and look up at the monitors to check on the latest arrivals and departures. You proceed past a seating area equipped with USB charging ports and through a TSA body scanner before … picking up some clothes and purchasing them at the counter!? That’s right, if you’re at The Clearport, a new concept retailer that’s inspired by the airport experience.

That TSA scanner I mentioned isn’t for X-raying your junk to look for explosives, but instead a photo booth for selfies. The arrivals and departures aren’t incoming and outgoing flights, but the latest apparel arrivals and items about to sell out. It’s all the work of The Clearport’s founder Haytham Elgawly, who has brought a fun and innovative twist to retail shopping, and one that might get people to stop buying so much of their clothes online just to experience it.

That’s the idea anyway, and The Clearport did get a nice write-up in Hypebeast, so hopefully it will be a turbulence-free journey for Elgawyly from here on out. If you’re not going to be in the Jersey City area anytime soon, you can see a few photos of the store below.

The ClearportThe ClearportThe ClearportThe ClearportThe Clearport

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