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The Capsule Minimalist Wallet

by Joseph

Capsule Minimalist Wallet

Sometimes a man just wants a place to store his money and important cards, without a lot of frou-frou getting in the way. If that describes you, consider the Capsule Minimalist Wallet.

True to its name, it can hold your money with its fully-integrated CashStrap, along with pockets for your ID and cards.  The Capsule also boasts an innovative and intuitive design that divides your cards between an interior pocket and an exterior one for easy access when storing your most frequently-used cards. All in all, the Capsule is able to carry a total of six cards and a healthy wad of bills without bulging up your pockets. And it’ll cost you only $45 from the wallet you have right now.

To purchase a Capsule Minimalist Wallet, click here.

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