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The Bufalino: A Mobile Home On 3 Wheels

by Joseph

If you’ve ever felt a desire to strip away all the unnecessary clutter of your life and hit the road as a nomadic traveler, you will probably be at least theoretically interested in the Bufalino, from German designer Cornelius Comanns.

The exceedingly small Bufalino is a mobile home that rests on just three wheels. Inside that small space are almost everything a human needs to survive: Sleeping space, seating for two, cook space, storage, water tank, and a refrigerator. It does not, alas, have a bathroom, but maybe a trip to civilization every once in a while might do you some good.

Unfortunately, it’s all just a dream for now, as Comanns rendered it with a computer for his bachelor’s thesis in Industrial Design (check it out here). But maybe one day you’ll be able to pick one up at Home Depot. Then it’s sayonara society!

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