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‘The Brown Tape’: Lost Ghostface Killah Album Returns to Streaming

by Joseph
The Brown Tape

The Brown Tape

A little backstory: In 2013, Ghostface Killah released (the excellent) 12 Reasons to Die, a concept album produced by Adrian Younge with a cinematic sound inspired by Ennio Morricone and vintage genre Italian cinema of the 1970s. Soon after, Ghostface released the same tracks with completely different beats, these produced by Apollo Brown. This alternate version of the album was known as The Brown Tape, and was briefly available on streaming services but was then removed. Now, it’s been reissued to streaming services like Spotify and available for purchase on iTunes.

Personally, I think 12 Reasons to Die is vastly superior to The Brown Tape, but obviously the latter’s new availability is good for everyone. And you can check out the album for yourself below:

The reissue of The Brown Tape is reportedly part of a whole slate of new projects Tony Starks has planned for this year, including Supreme Clientele 2, Powers of Attraction with Tragedy Khadafi and Killah Priest, and a long-awaited collaboration with MF Doom.

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