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‘The Break with Michelle Wolf’ Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
The Break with Michelle Wolf

The Break with Michelle Wolf

The whole world is talking about Michelle Wolf, who had the audacity to tell jokes at her recent gig at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. And even though things are getting a little hot in the world of DC politics, the controversy couldn’t have come at a better time for Wolf, who’s debuting a new Netflix series next month. A trailer for that series, called The Break with Michelle Wolf, is now online. It doesn’t mention the dinner controversy, and in fact was in all likelihood filmed before the address took place — but maybe that tagline is meant to be sort of a wry reference to the firestorm:

“People make mistakes. The Break with Michelle Wolf, a weekly half-hour variety/sketch series, will have jokes, sketches, celebrities, and more.”

The Break with Michelle Wolf comes to a Netflix account near you starting on May 27th, when the first episode of the weekly series goes live.

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