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The Bradley Timepiece: A Tactile Timepiece From Eone Time

by Joseph
The Bradley Timepiece

The Bradley Timepiece

The field of tactile watches – watches that can be read with the sense of touch rather than just sight – have been around for a while, but almost always marketed as a practical product for the blind and not a particularly style-conscious item. The people at Eone Time are seeking to change that, though, with The Bradley.

The Bradley Timepiece replaces the usual minute and hour hands with a pair of ball bearings that rotate around the watch – one on the inside of the face and one along the edge – and notate the hour and minute. This means the wearer can tell the time at a glance, or less than one by touching the watch with their fingers.

Anybody, whether sightless or not, can use The Bradley Timepiece if they care about telling time in an innovative way and looking like they traveled here from 2056. If that includes you, you can shop the whole Bradley collection at Eone Time’s online store here.

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