Home Entertainment ‘The Book of Noodle’: A New Multimedia Story From Gorillaz

‘The Book of Noodle’: A New Multimedia Story From Gorillaz

by Joseph
The Book of Noodle

The Book of Noodle

The social media activity of the greatest animated electronic band in history behind the Crescendolls has been the subject of scrutiny recently, with many believing that a new Gorillaz album is on the way. Now, we have something a little different, in keeping with the band’s history of animated vignettes telling their bizarre story; it’s The Book of Noodle, a multimedia saga told through the band’s official Twitter account:

The Book of Noodle ain’t exactly a book.  In fact, it’s hard to say exactly what it is, which is why it would probably be better to just watch it for yourself if you’re interested in the band or its exploits since Plastic Beach.

You can do that by checking out The Book of Noodle on Twitter’s new upgraded Moments feature right here. And stay tuned to the official Gorillaz Twitter account therein for more info on that new album that’s (hopefully) coming soon.


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