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‘The Black Album’: Surfaced Copies of Lost Prince Record Sell for $15K

by Joseph
The Black Album

The Black Album

Even though a later re-released version has been available on TIDAL for a while now, Prince‘s The Black Album remains one of the most legendary “lost albums” of all time – again, even though it isn’t really lost anymore. For proof, just take a look at the price three recently surfaced copies of the record were reportedly able to get $15,000 each.

As the story goes, Prince had The Black Album hastily pulled off store shelves just before it’s scheduled release back in 1987, thanks to a change in his religious views that caused him to deem the record “evil.” Since then, only three copies of that original pressing have surfaced, after Warner Bros. worked diligently to destroy as many copies as they could on Prince’s behalf (hey, he was a powerful guy in 1987). Jeff Gold, a former WB executive who now runs a vintage music memorabilia store, recently came into five copies of the album through mysterious means – three of which were already sold at 15 grand, with the other two’s fates still to be determined.

Read a much more detailed account of the newly surfaced copies of The Black Album at Rolling Stone right here.


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