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The 20 Best Batmobiles

by Esteban

best batmobiles

On Saturday, January 19, 2013, the original working Batmobile from the 1960’s television series sold at auction in Arizona for a whopping $4.6 million. The lucky new owner? A man with the name of a professional wrestler from the 80s: Rick Champaigne. The guy owns a logistics company in Tempe, Arizona, and was not at all embarrassed to have paid that much money for the car. Quite the contrary—he told Speed TV right after the auction that he planned to put the car in his living room.

Anyway, all this got me to thinking. If the Batmobile from the silly, campy 60s TV show got that much money, how much would one of the cool Batmobiles get?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like the Batmobile from the 60s TV show. After all, without the popularity of that and the show, the Batman franchise wouldn’t be what it is today. But I still don’t think I would put it in my top five.

Who would I put in my top five? Well, I’m not totally sure. But here’s my top 20. Take a look and decide for yourself. They’re in chronological order, starting with the very first Batmobile ever. Take a look.


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