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‘The Beatles’ 50th Anniversary Edition on the Way

by Joseph
The Beatles

The Beatles

In a recent interview with DIY, Beatle Paul McCartney confirmed what many Beatles fans had already assumed was on the way: A special, 50th anniversary edition of The Beatles, better known to the general public as “The White Album.” And good news, folks — according to Paul, it’s “really good”:

 “It’s all in place. I’ve just got a couple of essays [to sign off on]. It’s all lined up and it’s really good.” He added: “Something sparks another memory, but it’s really nice because we were a great little band, I think we can agree on that. The album itself is very cool and it sounds like you’re in the room; that’s the great thing about doing remasters. But we’ve also got some demos of the songs, so you get things stripped right back to just John’s voice and a guitar.”

What Beatle Paul neglected to mention was a release date, but since The Beatles came out in November of 1968, some are reportedly speculating that the new bells and whistles version would come out then too. Stay safe until Thanksgiving, everybody.

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