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“The Beast” Hover-Air Bike Concept by Rico Kersten

by Joseph
The Beast

The Beast

Tech company Allegorithmic hosted a design concept contest this year entitled “A Road Trip in 2116.” One of the best contestants (and one who’s getting a lot of attention online) is designer Rico Kersten, who whipped up a very cool hover-air bike concept called, with apologies to Count Vladislav, “The Beast.

“The Beast” is a hover bike that seems, like a lot of concept vehicles out there, to have been inspired by the lightcycles in Tron. Its science-fiction trappings don’t end there, either.  Unfortunately for anyone who might want to take “The Beast” for a spin, the technology necessary to make it work hasn’t been developed yet. But maybe by 2116 it will be a possibility.

For now, though, you have to be content to check out “The Beast” on Kersten’s Behance gallery for his design right here, where you can also find links to his other futuristic design concepts, about 16 in all. Then, all you have to do is wait 99 years to take your own 2116 road trip, assuming we still have roads then.

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