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The 25 Best New Products Of 2012

by Joseph

Ferrari-FF_The 25 Best New Products Of 2012

Hopefully you had a pretty good 2012. Ideally, you had a lot of luck in love, work, and friendship. But even if you had a terrible year, you have to admit that it was a good year for inanimate objects. The companies of America and the rest of the world did a great job putting out lots of products in 2012, but unless you’re a billionaire you probably can’t afford to buy all of them.

So, here’s a handy guide to the 25 best new products 2012 had to offer. From items tailor-made for music or movie fans, to upscale liquors, to cool gadgets, we have plenty of products for you to look at. And maybe even think “I wish I’d bought that for someone for Christmas” about. But, there are always birthdays!

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