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The 20 Most-Googled Musicians Right Now

by Esteban
6 katy perry - most searched for musician on google (most googled music artists)

most googled musicians

Pop stars talk a good game about wanting to create good music, but the real goal is just to be popular. That’s why it’s pop music, and that’s what makes them pop stars. So how do you know who is the most successful?

Well, the charts are one indication. But a better indication is Google search results. Right now, for example, “Roayls” by Lorde is the number one song in the country. But is Lorde really the biggest pop star? Hardly. People like her song, but they’re not obsessed with her, and thus they’re not Googling her to read about whatever scandalous/idiotic/sexy/weird thing she’s done today.

Today we’re going to give you a rundown of the most-Googled musicians according to Google. The number one artist probably won’t surprise you, but I guarantee a couple others will. So take a look to see who’s winning the pop music popularity contest.

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