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The 15 Top-Funded Kickstarter Projects of All-Time

by Esteban

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Last week there was a pretty interesting Kickstarter project making a lot of news headlines: the Veronica Mars movie project. The creator of the cult hit TV show wanted to appease the loyal fans who had been calling for a resurrection of the show for years, but he couldn’t get it done through traditional means. So he took the project straight to the people and tried crowd-funding website Kickstarter.

That approach worked like a charm. The Veronica Mars movie project raised over $5 million, and now they are actually going to make the movie. (It’ll have Kristen Bell and everything.)

Anyway, this got me thinking: a $5 million Kickstarter project has to be some kind of record, right? So I did a little digging and it turns out that, no, it’s not a record. But it is close. Where does it rank amongst the most funded Kickstarter projects of all-time? Get clicking on those arrows to find out.


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