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The 15 Top-Funded Fashion Projects for Men on Kickstarter

by Esteban

top funded fashion projects on kickstarter

This might surprise you, but the vast majority of the highest-funded fashion projects on Kickstarter are geared toward men. It certainly surprised me at first. However, after I thought about it for a while it started to make sense for a lot of reasons. For example, from the consumer side of the issue, on the whole men are probably less concerned with women than the brand names of their clothes, and men are probably more willing than women to buy clothes online site-unseen. Then, on the production side, there’s no doubt that the market for men’s clothes and accessories is far from saturated. You walk into just about any store at the mall that sells clothes for men and women and you’ll find the menswear is confined to one little corner of the store. That leaves a lot of room open for entrepreneurs—and entrepreneurs love Kickstarter.

Today, we thought we’d show you some of the awesome fashion projects for men that have been funded on crowd-funding website. Obviously, these projects are all closed now, so it’s too late to become a backer. However, on the bright side, many of them have now moved into full-scale production, which means you can just go online and buy their stuff the old-fashioned way. So take a look at how Kickstarter does fashion for guys.

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