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TGX Tactical Flask From ThinkGeek

by Joseph
TGX Tactical Flask

TGX Tactical Flask

Your standard-issue hip flask is good for the furtive consumption of alcohol, but if you find yourself in any remotely sticky situation it may not prove up to the required standards. For those situations, there’s the TGX Tactical Flask from ThinkGeek, where it’s purported to meet “all your tactical drinking needs.”

With its black matte finish and integrated MOLLE webbing, the TGX Tactical Flask won’t call any undue attention to itself when you’re out on a nocturnal black ops mission. And it comes with its own case, complete with hooks so it won’t fall out, as well as a nylon holster that can fit right onto your belt – meaning you don’t even have to have pockets to keep the party going inside the danger zone.

The TGX Tactical Flask can be yours with an order from the ThinkGeek online store right here, where the flask is priced at just under $20.


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