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Textcast: App Combines Texting and Blogging

by Joseph


It’s a common anxiety – you have an audience out there, but you aren’t reaching them as conveniently and with as little effort as might be possible. For you, there’s Textcast, an app that allows you to sign people up to receive transmissions you send via text.

In some ways, Textcast hearkens back to the early days of Twitter, when tweets were sent out to followers via text massage. But there are a few 2015-era enhancements that might make the app worthwhile, like the fact that none of your followers will be able to see or communicate with each other, which in turn means that your inbox won’t be clogged with irrelevant discussions that have no discernible impact on your brand.

You can see how Textcast works, and get the app for free, at its official website right here. Then, you can start churning out content without even firing up the browser on your phone – welcome to the future.

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