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Teslasuit: For Physical Interaction With Virtual Reality

by Joseph


The future holds many exciting possibilities in the field of virtual reality, and one of the most magical is the area of “haptic feedback,” which allows users’ sense of touch to be stimulated as well as their senses of sight and sound in a traditional VR setup. And one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology in this sphere is the Teslasuit.

The Teslasuit boasts an “electro-tactile haptic feedback system” with either 16 or 52 feedback channels in the Pioneer and Prodigy models, respectively. And as haptic feedback technology continues to advance, your Teslasuit will be fully upgrade-able thanks to its modular design.

More information on the Teslasuit, which also boasts climate control for exploring virtual worlds of extreme heat or cold, can be had at the product’s official site here. There you’ll find links to the suit’s Kickstarter campaign, where pre-orders start at $1,800 and go up from there – virtual reality rigs not included.

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