Home Tech & Gear Tesla Watch: A “Splendid Chronometer From a More Elegant Time” (Video)

Tesla Watch: A “Splendid Chronometer From a More Elegant Time” (Video)

by Joseph
Tesla Watch

Tesla Watch

For whatever reason, the name “Tesla” still seems to fill people with excitement well into the 21st century, myriad generations after the famous scientist’s heyday. That means all kind of sweet Tesla merch is at your fingertips, but few of it is as cool or as elaborate as the new Tesla Watch by ThinkGeek.

The Tesla Watch is a classic example of steampunk style with plenty of gadgets and light-up details like faux “vacuum tubes” on the top of the watch’s face. Those tubes are described as the “highlight” of the watch’s design, and the red LEDs in them can be turned on and off on command.

At the ThinkGeek online store here, the Tesla Watch is priced at just under $60. But in an innovation that not even Nikola Tesla could have foreseen, you can also see the watch in action in the video below for free. The choice is yours.

Here’s the video:

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