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Tesla Powerwall Home Battery

by Joseph
Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall

The biggest question for us as the human race going forward is something like “where the heck are we going to get all the energy we need?” I certainly don’t know, which is why I’m glad there are companies like Tesla around, who recently introduced the Tesla Powerwall, a battery that can more efficiently power an entire home, either from solar cells or a main power grid itself.

If the Tesla Powerwall is connected to a residential solar power system, it can store energy from it for when there aren’t any solar rays coming your way (for example: When it gets cloudy).If it’s hooked up to your power grid, it can store energy during times when it’s less expensive, and then use it during peak usage periods – saving both money and strain on the grid in the process.

Deliveries on both the 10kWh and 7kWh versions of the Tesla Powerwall are shipping sometime this summer, but before then you can get some more information, and reserve your own $3,000 (and up) home battery over at the official Tesla site right here.

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