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Tesla M Motorcycle Concept by Jans Slapins (Pics)

by Joseph
Tesla M Motorcycle Concept

Tesla is known for its innovative and flashily futuristic designs, so attempting a concept motorcycle in the signature Tesla style is a unique challenge. But it’s a challenge that London designer Jans Slapins has more than risen to with his new Tesla M motorcycle concept, recently released to the internet.

The Tesla M concept cycle has a clear retro-futuristic design, but it was engineered with real-life performance components as well, like its 150kW electric motor, lithium-ion batteries hanging on the bottom of the bike, and two carbon-fiber wheels. It’s also decked out with a very cool gleaming red color scheme which will just make you wish it was real even more.

It’s not real, though, so you’ll just have to be content to see a few renderings of the Jans Slapins’ Tesla M motorcycle concept in the gallery below. And for more on the motorcycle, as well as other projects from Slapins, take a look at his official site right here.

Here’s the gallery:

Tesla M Motorcycle ConceptTesla M Motorcycle ConceptTesla M Motorcycle Concept

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