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Teqball: Soccer Meets Ping Pong (Video)

by Joseph


For generations, three sports have dominated the world of miniature table sport equivalents, with each sport getting only one miniature version: Tennis (ping pong), hockey (air hockey) and soccer (foosball). But someone finally had the good sense to realize that it doesn’t have to end there – and so we have Teqball, which combines ping-pong and soccer in a way that actually seems pretty obvious in retrospect.

Teqball is essentially “table soccer” instead of table tennis, and it’s being marketed as a way to develop soccer skills that can be used on the field for real, but it looks like it would make a pretty cool game played just for fun too.

You can see a very lofty promotional video for Teqball, which includes an endorsement from Hollywood actor Jimmy Van Patten, below. And for more information on the game, or to purchase your own table for $1,300 and up, head to its official site here.

Here’s the video:

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