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Tender Belly Habañero Maple Bacon

by Joseph
Tender belly bacon

Tender belly bacon

The internet is currently drowning in a deluge of novelty bacon products, but here’s an interesting idea for a bacon product: actual bacon.

This is special bacon, though, from Tender Belly, rubbed in a blend of maple and habañero that is billed as an excellent combination of sweet and spicy.

I don’t know about you, but no amount of internet bacon fatigue can keep my mouth from watering as I imagine what this bacon tastes like. Tender Belly’s Habañero Maple Bacon is also dry cured and smoked over cherrywood, which might mean something to you if you’re a true bacon expert.

Tender Belly Habañero Maple Bacon, like other Tender Belly products, come in bulk packs and the more you buy the more money you save. So the question becomes, can you afford not to go to their online store here and get some for yourself? I’m not an accountant, so I’ll let you decide for yourself.

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