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The Tempo App Speeds Up and Slows Down Your Videos

by Joseph
Tempo App

Tempo App

Video and film are the only media that can effectively manipulate time itself, which is why slow-motion (and it’s less cool cousin, fast-motion) are so effective. Tempo is a new app that lets you take advantage of the power of these techniques more easily and conveniently than before.

Tempo gives users four speed settings (five if you count “normal” as a speed setting) that allows for two varieties of slow-motion and two modes of timelapse. Best of all, you can combine slow-motion and timelapse into different parts of the same video, just like Zack Snyder does. There’s also a music overlay function, so you can start doing those homemade music videos like you’ve always dreamed of doing.

A watermarked version of Tempo is available on iOS for free, with a premium version going for just under $5 (no word of whether there’s an Android version in the works as of yet). Check it out at the iTunes Store here.


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