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Teleavia Retro TV Concept

by Joseph
Teleavia Retro TV

Teleavia Retro TV

Ultra thin widescreen TVs look great, but sometimes I still find myself envious of the old-school retro feel of 1960s TV sets, while not for a moment wishing I could go back to the Frank Tashlin nightmares that were picture quality fifty years ago. Designer Hogeun Jang has come up with a conceptual solution – the Teleavis Retro TV concept.

The Teleavia Retro TV, as its name suggests, is a throwback to the curved lines of old-fashioned TVs that might make you think of, say, the Rocko’s Modern Life aesthetic. It’s inspired by the 1966 Teleavia P111, but with an HD screen that won’t require any hold adjustments – if it actually existed, that is. Here’s the idea behind the design, straight from the nostalgic horse’s mouth:

“The concept of considering the portability of the 1960s, while still taking a more furniture feels rather than electronic products. Its form is round and a rack is gathered inside. The design has a concept of not only the one object feels that gives interior effect but also the features of TV itself with very similar ratio of its display.

For now, you can read up on the Teleavia Retro TV concept right here, and dream about it one day becoming a buyable reality.

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