Home Entertainment ‘Team Thor: Pt 2, Where Are They Now?’ From Marvel (Video)

‘Team Thor: Pt 2, Where Are They Now?’ From Marvel (Video)

by Joseph
Team Thor: Pt 2

Team Thor: Pt 2

You may remember from August of last year that Thor, Norse God of Thunder and part of The Avengers, had to get a roommate in order to make ends meet. You probably weren’t wondering what Thor and his roommate (his name is Darryl) are up to now, but that’s too bad, because Team Thor: Pt 2, Where Are They Now? is now online for your viewing pleasure:


I’m not sure exactly how the above short fits into Marvel Cinematic Universe continuity, nor do I know if Darryl will make an appearance in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok or any of the future Marvel films (including Avengers: Infinity War, which has a much more serious-toned teaser out now). I do know it’s pretty funny, though, and that it’s only like 90 seconds long, so there’s really nothing stopping you from giving it a watch, if you are so inclined. And of course, you can see even more of Thor and Darryl’s adventures if you buy a Doctor Strange digital download right here.

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