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‘Teacher’: The Robotic Arm That Could Teach You How to Draw

by Joseph
Teacher and Force Finger

Drawing is one of those things that you either can or can’t do, and some people are just hopeless – but that might not be true for much longer. Engineer Saurabh Datta has developed a device called Teacher that employs a system known as “forced haptic feedback” to teach users how to master tasks like drawing or playing the piano.

I am in no way smart enough to explain how Teacher or its predecessor, Force Finger, work, but I can tell you that it’s basically a robotic arm that fits over the user’s hand and fingers, guiding it (ideally) helping him or her master the task that’s literally at hand. Right now the project is focused on collecting data on the interactions between man and machine, but in the future Datta hopes that the device will actually be used to teach or hone skills like drawing.

You can see a couple photos, one of Teacher and one of Force Finger, in the gallery below. And to read more about the project, just head over to the article in Wired here.

Here’s the gallery:


Teacher and Force FingerTeacher and Force Finger

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