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TCM Select: Library of Classic Films Added to FilmStruck

by Joseph
TCM Select

TCM Select

Most of the civilized world seems content nowadays to restrict themselves to the movies and TV shows available on Netflix and, possibly, Hulu. But for the more discerning cinephile, FilmStruck came out in 2016, and now there’s even more reason for the Gregg Turkingtons of the world to consider getting a subscription: TCM Select. 

TCM Select is the label by which Turner Classic Movies will be adding classic Hollywood movies like Casablanca, A Night at the Opera, The Thin Man, and so on to the Filmstruck streaming service. This is happening at the expense of the quasi-rival (but also Warner owned) streaming service Warner Archive Instant, but as Variety reports it made sense to fold the two into one:

“‘It was a pretty easy decision’ to shutter Warner Archive and add WB’s movie catalog to FilmStruck, said Craig Hunegs, president of Warner Bros. Digital Networks and president of business and strategy for Warner Bros. Television Group.”

From a consumer standpoint, TCM Select is pretty much all good news, boosting Filmstruck’s ever-shifting library from roughly 1,200 movies to 1,800 on a month to month basis. And the price – $6.99 a month – will remain unchanged.


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