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Tattoo Machine in Slow Motion (Video)

by Joseph
Slow Motion Tattoo Machine

Slow Motion Tattoo Machine

It’s a commonly known fact that everything looks cooler in slow motion. So it’s not a huge surprise that a tattoo machine wouldn’t be exempt from this handy rule, as a new video from art website Yatzer and French tattoo artist GueT helpfully demonstrates.

The video shows GueT’s tattoo machine going to work on some brave person who apparently didn’t mind his or her skin being scrutinized by a high-speed camera while being pummeled by the needle of the tattoo machine. It’s definitely fun to watch, but it might make you think twice about getting a tattoo (or another tattoo) any time soon.

Anyway, if you think you can handle it (and you’ve got about three minutes to spare), you can watch the slow motion tattoo machine video from Yatzer and GueT for yourself below. And to see more from Yatzer, just take a look at their website here.

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