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Tasty Made: Chipotle’s Burger Restaurant Gets New Menu

by Joseph
Tasty Made

Tasty Made

One of the (numerous, it might be argued) ways that I feel out of step with my generation is that I’m not wild about Chipotle. My lack of membership in the Chipotle cult might explain why I was unaware before today about Tasty Made, a burger restaurant concept operated in Ohio that recently got a complete menu overhaul.

Top Chef‘s Richard Blais whipped up the new Tasty Made menu is a back-to-basics burgers and fries affair, with special emphasis given to the restaurant’s special sauces found at the fry bar – Curry Mustard and Tasty Made Burger Sauce to name two. And if it ends up being a bust, spokesperson Chris Arnold essentially told Business Insider the blame would belong with Blais:

“In deciding to work with Richard, the idea was to have him provide more leadership and oversight for Tasty Made, while keeping Steve Ells focused on Chipotle. The changes you’re seeing are the product of Richard’s work on Tasty Made.”

Hey, it’s a burger eat burger world out there, folks. Anyway, you can read more about the new Tasty Made menu right here, and check it out for yourself if you ever find yourself in Lancaster, Ohio.

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